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In-Sight Provides Fast Inspection of Overheated Temperature Controllers

In-Sight Provides Fast Inspection of Overheated Temperature Controllers

Bangze Equipment specializes in temperature controllers and protection and uses automated production inspection equipment. They use a Cognex In-Sight® Micro vision system as part of their inspection machinery. It is mainly used for inspecting the distance between bi-metal plates in heat controllers for when machinery has overheated and short circuited. In-Sight Micro has proven to be the best solution for this process.

Since the inspection of heat protection short circuits takes place in temperatures of around 300°C (572°F), and the short circuit distance only requires around 1mm (0.04 in.), humans are unable to carry out these inspections. The In-Sight 1020 vision system deployed by Bangze Equipment provides a solution that overcomes this challenge.

Because the heater operates at a very high temperature, the camera can only be installed in a very narrow insulated space, the 30x30x60mm In-Sight Micro manages this easily.

For the process, a bi-metal sheet is held from the left and right. The picture navigation tools can be used to locate the required remote measurement location; then using the edge tool found in In-Sight Explorer software, the bi-metal sheet edges can be found. Finally a measurement tool can be used to measure the direct distance between the two lines.

When the equipment is operating, if the temperature is not high enough for the bi-metal switch to open normally, it is possible to determine the differences between the open and closed statuses using the In-Sight system’s excellent image comparison feature. This makes it much easier for Bangze Equipment to inspect their products.

Bangze Equipment requires that after the system receives the inspection signal, within 4 seconds, 10 heat protection measurements must be made at a precision of ±0.04mm. Cognex In-Sight system only requires 10 milliseconds to send a signal, providing Bangze Equipment with ideal production manufacturing conditions.

Prior to deploying the In-Sight vision system, Bangze Equipment didn’t have any vision inspection experience, but they were able to get up to speed quickly on how to use the system because it is simple to operate. What’s more, the In-Sight system communicates very simply and conveniently with the Bangze Equipment’s own software.

Bangze Equipment’s Chief Engineer said, “We never imaged that the Cognex smart camera was so simple and easy to use, saving us a lot of development time and allowing us to give our products to the end user knowing they have been inspected accurately and precisely.”

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