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In-Sight Micro Cameras Critical to Zero Defect Brake Pad Production in China

In-Sight Micro Cameras Critical to Zero Defect Brake Pad Production in China

Federal-Mogul Corporation, founded in 1899, is a global manufacturing supplier of automobile spare parts, headquartered in Sarsfield, Michigan, USA. During its development in the past hundred years it has always taken a leading role in the world’s automobile and engine spare parts industry, producing advanced development capacity, professional manufacturing technology, and a large number of well-known brands. Federal-Mogul Corporation supplies console products to most global automobile manufacturers and its distribution and after-sales service network is worldwide. Federal-Mogul now employs about 49,000 people, and it has more than 150 factories in 24 countries and regions around the world.

Federal-Mogul Corporation is the only solely-invested factory which manufactures automobile brake pads among the seven corporations owned by American Federal-Mogul Group in China. Advanced management teams from Australia, England, South Korea, America, Germany, and other countries recognize the corporation as possessing world class management technology in areas such as constraint management, zero defect “5S” management, and others. In the past, the corporation has always positively served every console market and after-market well with high quality products and reasonable prices. Federal-Mogul was the first corporation in the industry to pass ISO14001, TS16949, and SAS18000 certifications. In the last 100 years, its Ferodo brand has become world famous for high quality in this industry.

Shanghai Gojoy Automation System Co. Ltd., a Cognex automation solutions provider (ASP) in China, introduced the In-Sight® vision system for use in Federal-Mogul Corporation’s inspection of manufactured automobile spare parts. The In-Sight system can detect mixed materials, incorrectly sized or incorrectly loaded products, and products which missed a step in the production process by measuring the overall dimensions of brake pads, identifying surface patterns and labeling, and distinguishing the characteristics of the pads. It can display the results on the screen while simultaneously showing the detection results to a PLC for controlling quality and removing defective products from the production line.

Federal-Mogul chose the Cognex system because it is not possible to achieve quick and effective production by using manual inspection. Fully automatic non-contact vision detection methods were required to meet production demands. The In-Sight vision system provided simplicity and flexibility, strong stability, reliability of the images recorded, and non-contact online rapid detection.

The cameras chosen were In-Sight Micro smart cameras. The dimensions of the cameras are 30mm x 30mm x 60mm and they can operate without a human image controller so they are automated to produce steady and reliable defect detection. Two models of In-Sight Micro cameras, the 1100 (standard style readable character) and the 1050 (simplified version) were selected for the defect detection requirements on the brake pad production line. The In-Sight Micro 1100 is used for detecting the printed content on the brake pads, including detecting whether the label is printed or not, and detecting the lot numbers and dates. The In-Sight Micro 1050 is used for detecting whether the attachments are riveted correctly, whether oblique angles are found, and is also used for detecting thickness and other functionalities.

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