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Cognex DataMan completely satisfies this customer in the Electronics Manufacturing Industry

Cognex DataMan completely satisfies this customer in the Electronics Manufacturing Industry

The customer is a US-funded international enterprise located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China, which provides electronic products for the automobile, medical equipment, industrial control, and public safety industries—all which have very strict requirements for product quality. In order to ensure excellence, the customer recently installed an automated monitoring and control system with barcode readers in their new facility.

Barcode readers were installed at every workstation on the SMT (surface mount technology) production line, used for reading 2-D barcodes on printed circuit boards (PCBs). The barcode data includes the product information of each PCB.

When the barcode is successfully read and the data is input into the system, the product is only permitted to enter the next workstation after the system confirms that this PCB has completed all the previous steps. If it is not possible to read the barcode, or if there are information errors, the system gives an alarm. The system counts the number of unapproved products and calculates approval ratios.

Project challenges

In order to complete the installation many obstacles were considered. For each batch of PCBs the location and sizes of the product labels vary and frequently change.  As product categories change, the Data Matrix code sizes and densities are also many and various. The environment at each workstation is also variable, especially with differences in lighting, with many operating 24 hours, 7 days a week. The customer hoped that one product could handle different barcode dimensions and densities without requiring frequent adjustments.

Nanjing Golden Dongkang Barcode System Co., Ltd introduced the customer to Cognex, providing a deeper understanding of both the Cognex and DataMan® brands. After multiple site tests, the DataMan barcode reader was able to completely satisfy the customer’s requirements, and had a very high performance to price ratio.

DataMan readers provide many cost-savings benefits

After using DataMan for this system, the customer remains satisfied. The customer’s return on investment was high. The DataMan saved a lot of man hours and reduced the number of defective products. Additionally, the DataMan product warranty period is long so that equipment can be rapidly repaired and returned, ensuring the customer’s investment was worthwhile.

DataMan readers are small, compact, and light, making installation convenient. Even if the customer changes the PCB dimensions or barcode location, it will still be easy to adjust the current equipment, reducing the amount of time needed for the implementation process. Technicians do not need to trial different configurations onsite. They only need to download the documents for the installed equipment and it works immediately.

The product performance is also outstanding with an extremely low failure rate. Since the customer has been using the DataMan reader there have basically been no reader failures, greatly  reducing shutdown time.

Through this experience, Nanjing Golden Dongkang has an even better understanding of Cognex products and trust that more customers will choose Cognex products in the electronics manufacturing industry as well as in other industries.

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