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Checker monitors the presence of small parts in the product assembly process

Checker monitors the presence of small parts in the product assembly process

Shanghai Johnson Controls Automotive Metal Components Co., Ltd (JCM) is controlled by U.S. Johnson Controls (NYSE: JCI). Its products cover seat assembly, mechanical parts, seat foam, seat covers, headrests and roof trims, etc. Yanfeng Johnson offers service for the major auto manufacturers. It is the leader of china’s car seat industry. The company’s over 13,000 employees across china can continuously provide the innovative seat system including entire chair , metal frame and mechanical devices , foam, seat covers , headrests for customers, and offer flexible, economical and efficient top trim solutions. We have over 30 branches nationwide, to offer services for our customers at any time. With advanced operating system and management system, pursuing for lean operation and always adhering to the concept of “Quality –oriented and innovation as driving force”, we can continuously exceed our customer’s increasingly growing expectations.
In addition, JCI should meet the strict quality requirements in the auto industry, which was once determined by visual inspection. However, facing against the challenge of high quality, the company decided to adopt Cognex Checker, to check the existence of the installation parts and check whether they are installed in consequence. After using the Checker, the product quality control is improved, so as to implement a good monitoring on the production of seats and the production will become faster and more reliable.  JCI Group always maintains high quality standards and manages the company in accordance with the standard of Global Top 500 Enterprises; so, they cannot take risks. 

Checker- it can be installed even in a very small space, to identify the tiny characteristics. 

Cognex vision sensor is used to check the existence of products, simple and most economic. Essentially it is a versatile "multi-functional sensor”, only with such a Checker, you can realize the characteristics of common detection by a number of photoelectric sensors, or even exceeding them.

BETTERWAY, the partner of China Cognex, provides JCI with the vision sensor solutions for their applications. One Checker is installed in their automatic assembly production line. And Checker is to check whether three gaskets are assembled in sequence. If any one gasket is missing of the installation sequence is incorrect, the production line will stop, to avoid the outflow of defective products.
Restricted by very thin gasket and the installation location, JCI cannot meet the detection requirement using the traditional artificial and sensor detection modes. They shall ensure that all the parts of seats are correctly assembled. Through the brightness and pattern tools, we can provide a stable and reliable detection.

Guarantee 100% quality inspection for customers

By using Check, JCI can ensure zero defects of products, avoid customer’s complaints and fines for missed installation of clasps and incorrect installation sequence, enhance the product, and reduce the losses caused by scrapped parts.



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