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Carsem Uses Cognex ID Readers to Optimize Automated Manufacturing

Carsem Uses Cognex ID Readers to Optimize Automated Manufacturing

Carsem is a leading provider of turnkey packaging and test services to the semiconductor industry and offers one of the widest ranges of package and test portfolios in the world. Recognized as one of the largest companies of its kind in terms of unit volume production, Carsem has over 9,000 employees and ships in excess of 100 million units each week. More than 65% of this volume is shipped as fully tested products.

The company has two high technology factories in Malaysia. The factories are supported by extensive R&D and failure analysis staff. They also incorporate highly sophisticated state of the art automation equipment, ensuring quality products which meet the exacting standards of the automotive, telecom, computer, and consumer goods industries.

Carsem worked with Unique Systems & Automation to custom-design a Lead Frame Verification System (LFVS) which incorporated Cognex
In-Sight® Micro as an integral part of the system responsible for the detection and verification part of the process. The vision systems featuring Cognex In-Sight Micro and automation played a critical role in ensuring that the LFVS was fully operational and working in seamless tandem with the components and specifications of the machines in which it is integrated.

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