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Assembly verification with vision guided robotics

Assembly verification with vision guided robotics

Automobile assembly time reduced by 20% with In-Sight

When they decided to implement a vision guided robot solution based on In-Sight™ vision technology from Cognex, S.A.P. reduced assembly time for an important automotive client by 20%. Cognex distributor Edge Vision recommended In-Sight as a robust solution for their client. Since 1980, S.A.P. (Sistemas Automatizacion Procesos, S.L.) in Barcelona., has been providing solutions and components for the automatisation of industrial processes. With customized facilities the company is in a position to provide "turn-key" solutions such as robotic applications and the resolution of complex problems guaranteeing maximum reliability.

The challenge : 1 automotive part - 70 different points for inspection

SAP found themselves faced with a quality control challenge. One of their automotive customers needed a special machine for the assembly and inspection of certain part for a van. The part concerned resembles an iron tube and is a key element of the internal structure of the van containing 70 different points of inspection such a welded nuts, screws and holes. The industrial environment concerned would be dusty and oily with variable lighting and many of the parts to be inspected were also liable to be oily and dirty which would make them difficult to find and reliably inspect. S.A.P. turned to Edge Vision, a Cognex distributor, seeking a robust and reliable solution. Edge Vision decided on the In-Sight range of vision systems, fully robust and capable of handling an instable and variable operating environment

Take a robot and give it "eyes"

Edge Vision, a Cognex distributor decided to install a vision guided robotic solution. They placed an In-Sight vision system at the end of the arm of a robot. The position of each point to be inspected is communicated to the robot. The robot « learns » the route to follow and inspects all points using the In-Sight as « eyes » . Points to be checked include welded nuts, holes, and screws. Cognex vision tool, Patmax™ proved essential. This powerful algorithm, unique to the In-Sight product range played a vital role in part localisation under such conditions. Information is communicated to a user-friendly PC interface. Progress can be easily monitored and results recorded by the operators.


The usual production and assembly time for this particular van is reduced by 20%. The process has been made a lot safer, more reliable, faster and cost-effective . Previously this would have had to been done mechanically. Plus, In-Sight vision systems were the only products capable of handling a hostile industrial environment thanks to their robustness. As a result, potential faults down the line are reduced to a minimum preventing future costly product recalls.

David Torres from Edge Vision, had this to say – "By implementing this robotic solution based on In-Sight vision systems from Cognex, our client has been able to reduce production cycle time by 20%, thus saving money and boosting productivity in the same manner. In-Sight will be included as a standard option on their machines from now on."

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