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Accurate part recognition, location and guidance

Accurate part recognition, location and guidance

PatMax - The universal solution for robotic applications

Leading Italian integrator of vision guided robotic solutions relies on PatMax® technology from Cognex for over half of their client installations.

Thanks to their strategy of asserting themselves as specialists in their field, Evolut can boast of having installed over 1100 robotic systems including 850 with Cognex vision systems enabling them to automatically recognize and identify objects with precision and to measure and inspect them. This functionality is a critical element in the huge range of production systems available today.

A systems integrator born initially as a strategic partner of ABB Italy, Evolut is now one of the most important integrators of automated robotic systems and solutions. Having billed over 12,5 million euros, the year 2006 saw them close with a 10% increase in sales encouraging innovation in their research and development .

Diverse sectors, diverse applications

Robotic systems developed by EVOLUT are found in all types of industries all over the world. Evolut has installed robotic solutions in sectors such as loading/unloading utensil machines, machinery equipment, printing presses, die casting machinery and plastic injection machinery.

Reliable object localization regardless of positioning

A typical robotics application where vision is used is when the arm of a robot recognizes an item, picks it and positions it at any given moment on an assembly line. For this the Italian company deploys their vision guided robotic system "Hawk", a system based on VisionPro®  technology from Cognex. Using Cognex image acquisition cards the installation can manage up to 10 cameras and reduce the time of image acquisition. As well as this the system relies on PatMax, Cognex unique software for recognition and localization of parts. Thanks to PatMax, Hawk is capable of identifying and finding a diverse range of objects. The robot receives, in order, the data and as such is able to follow the handling of pieces no matter how they are oriented. Approximately 50% of their installations benefit from this technology which offers a wide range of advantages. The camera aquires the image, position and orientation of the part or object and communicates this to the robot who is able then to pick it up.

Automotive application

In a typical application for Evolut, the robot relies on VisionPro and PatMax in order to obtain enough precise information on the position of a piece so that any surplus material on a joint for example can be located, measured exactly and removed.

Key advantages:

  • Thanks to PatMax, there is no need for a piece-orientation device
  • Set up time is greatly reduced
  • Flexible: different pieces can be dealt with in the same phase of production
  • 98% reliable rate of recognition
  • Productivity rates increased
  • Open architecture guided robot (not stand-alone)
  • Personalized algorithms for individual applications
  • Robust: System can handle varied lighting conditions
  • User-friendly
  • Added-value: simplicity and flexibility for production

Due to its ability to adapt to the specific production environment, PatMax can simplify the planning and construction of a robotic station. For example, since the system can easily measure the objects no matter how they are placed, costly mechanical feeders or pallet systems are no longer necessary. The positioning of optical machinery and video cameras is simplified by PatMax too because PatMax can adapt itself to the varying orientation, dimension or aspects of its environment. With PatMax it is also possible to eliminate the need to re-programme or adjust the original setup if the systems is moved to another part of the production line.

With partner technology from Cognex, EVOLUT and their software, Hawk, has successfully achieved and maintained their position as a leading installer of robot guidance vision systems.

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