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  • Interfacing with Cognex Connect

    Integrate into any Automation System

    Cognex Connect Communications SuiteConnectivity is essential to vision and barcode reading applications as a means to share data, support decision-making and enable highly-efficient integrated processes. Networking enables Cognex products to transmit pass/fail results to PCs for analysis, or communicate directly with PLCs, robots, and other factory automation devices in an integrated process control system.

    If you need to link your vision systems and barcode readers at the enterprise level, it is important to find a system that supports the complete set of standard networking protocols.

    This table summarizes just some of the communication capabilities of Cognex Connect™. Please download the Cognex Connect Tech Note to learn more.


      Factory Devices DataMan In-Sight Protocol Protocol Type


    Industrial Ethernet

    SLMP (Seamless Message Protocol) Industrial Ethernet

    Industrial Ethernet

    Pre-configured device commands and attributes

    Industrial Ethernet


    Pre-configured device commands and attributes

    Industrial Ethernet


    Other Protocols

      Industrial Ethernet




    Industrial Ethernet

    Industrial Ethernet

    Industrial Ethernet
    FTP Server  

    FTP FTP Image Transfer
    Robots ABB, Denso, FANUC, Kuka, Mitsubishi,
    & Staubli
        Pre-configured drivers and ASCII string commands Serial/Ethernet
    Epson, IAI,
    Kawasaki, Nachi,
    Yamaha & other Robots
        ASCII string commands Serial/Ethernet

    If you need to integrate inspection images, quality data and interactive
    controls into your own operator interface Cognex Connect gives you an
    array of visualization options:

    • In-Sight Display Control embeds an In-Sight image and CustomView
      display in your .NET or ActiveX compatible custom application, or a
      PC-based HMI/SCADA system from Rockwell, WonderWare, Citect
      and others.Windows® CE operating system is not supported.
    • In-Sight allows you to upload data to your HMI displays,
      SPC (Statistical Process Control) systems, plant supervisory systems, and
      even Microsoft Excel to monitor operations and record statistical data.
    • DataMan and In-Sight offer SDKs (Software Development
      Kit) to allow systems integrators to create a custom user interface
      for managing your systems, tailored to your exact requirements.