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  • DataMan Software

    The DataMan fixed-mount series readers are paired with the most advanced code-reading technologies within a simple to use software interface

    DataMan® software includes several features for the DataMan fixed-mount readers that far surpass other image-based fixed-mount readers on the market.

    Featured capabilities may include:

    • Market-leading barcode reading technologies for decoding both
      1-D and 2-D Symbologies
    • Intuitive Setup Tool for the simplest setup and deployment
    • Intelligent tuning technology automatically adjusts the settings of the integrated lighting to find the optimal light setup for the part
    • MultiCode reading of different code types (1-D/Stacked, 2-D Data Matrix or QR) at the same time, up to 128 codes at once!
    • Various trigger modes (self, single, burst, etc.)
    • Cognex Connect™ suite for connectivity and networking (Ethernet with industrial protocols, RS-232, USB)

    DataMan Quick Setup

    DataMan Quick Setup simplifies the deployment of the reader by putting the most common controls in a single page, allowing the user to see how different options affect the reader in real time.

    DataMan 300 DPM reader Quick Setup

    Intelligent Tuning Technology

    DataMan 300 includes intelligent tuning that evaluates the different lighting quadrants and selects the optimal lighting setup for your part.

    DataMan 300 DPM reader intelligent tuning