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  • Clinical Diagnostic Industry

    Fast-paced laboratory environments cannot afford to make mistakes. Improving efficiencies while reducing costs can be greatly enhanced with an automation system that incorporates vision technology.

    Customers of clinical diagnostic OEMs demand superior performance in their automated lab testing systems. Clinical diagnostic vision technology can provide improved system ease of use, intelligence and error proofing to set your systems apart from the competition.

    Clinical diagnostics: vial and test tube inspection and identification

    Typical Applications:

    • Test tube cap presence/absence
    • Test tube identification by shape
    • Proper system set up through object recognition
    • Test tube size verification by width
    • Micro-array tray identification / barcode reading
    • Liquid level detection
    • Pipette alignment and guidance
    • 1-D linear barcode and 2-D matrix code reading


    Benefits for installing Cognex Advantage™ OEM Barcode Readers and OEM Vision Systems:


    Cognex vision technology can be used to add ‘intelligence’ to your products. This, in turn, enhances and simplifies your customers’ product experience. It may also reduce the complexity of system design since Advantage products can perform both product inspection as well as code reading with one product.

    Reduced costs

    Product intelligence using vision technology enables both the OEM and end customer to reduce costs by increasing throughput and by preventing costly errors.

    Ease of use

    Cognex software and advanced communications flexibility provide unparalleled ease of use. The compact size of the Advantage products makes integration into systems with limited space very easy.