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    SensorView 2 Smart Display

    SensorView 2 Smart Display

    The SensorView® 2 display has a large 8.9 inch (225mm) touch screen, making it easy to use and view on the factory floor. With built-in Ethernet based communication, SensorView 2 can be installed anywhere Checkers are connected to a network. The SensorView software has the same familiar user interface as the standard Checker PC software, so no additional training is required to use it. Find out more...


    Colored Illumination and Polarization Options

    Colored Lens Filters

    The new Checker® 4G Vision Sensors offers colored illumination and polarization options. The Checker 4G colored illumination option optimizes image contrast, eliminates the influences of factory lighting when used in conjunction with a bandpass filter, and provides a fully integrated cost effective lighting solution. The polarization window drastically reduces specular reflections or glare which can obscure features and cause inconsistent results.

    Checker 4G Lighting: White, Red, Green, IR and UV

    Filters: Red, Green, Blue, IR and polarization.

    Bandpass filters are offered for both visible and IR wavelengths (470, 525, 590, 635 and 850nm).


    Adjustable Mounting Bracket

    Adjustable Mounting Bracket The adjustable mounting bracket has metric, imperial and through hole mounting. It provides an easy way to adjust the mounting angle of Checker for optimal lighting.


    Checker Lens Options The Checker lens kit includes 3.6, 8, 16 and 25mm lenses. (Note: 5.8mm lens ships with Checker.)


    Cables for I/O, Ethernet, USB IP67 rated I/O, Ethernet and USB cables are available in a variety of lengths. Right angle and extension cables are also available.