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  • Cell Sorting and Alignment, Screen Print Alignment and More!


    Powered by Cognex’s industry-leading software, Cognex vision-based products—systems, software, and industrial ID readers—are used for monitoring and inspecting everything from wet processing through metallization, firing, and color sorting.

    Cell Orientation Detection

    Monitor solar cells to ensure correct upright orientation prior to the dopant application phase.

    Cell Defect Detection

    Inspect cells for chips and cracks to ensure any defective cells are rejected prior to processing.

    Back Print Registration Inspection

    Measure the position, width, and distance between the bus bars and check the continuity of finger lines.

    Laser Edge Isolation

    Align cells and inspect the edge groove cuts along the wafer edges to isolate the emitters from the back sides of the cell.

    Color Cell Sorting

    Inspect and sort solar cells by slight color variances and grades the cells based on inconsistencies in the color.

    Screen Print Alignment

    Align cells for screen printing.

    Robot Guidance

    Transmit placement information for robot guidance applications used throughout the solar panel manufacturing process.

    Front Print Registration

    Inspect lines for contour breaks, continuity, and excess solder and ensure that traces are parallel and correctly registered.