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  • Machine Vision and Industrial ID for Automation Equipment

    Reliable Vision for All Industries


    No matter what industry you serve, Cognex offers the most powerful vision tools and industrial identification products for reliable performance and easy deployment into any  automation equipment or factory environment. Whether you’re a line builder, system integrator or equipment supplier, working with Cognex offers many advantages:

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    The best vision and ID products for every application

    A wide range of products gives you the flexibility to pick the one that will perform best for your application and factory environment.

    Easy to use

    Intuitive user interfaces make it easy and fast to configure your system.

    Worldwide training and support

    Cognex offers extensive on-line and classroom training opportunities to help you get your vision application up and running quickly, and maintains offices around the world to support you wherever you are located.


    Trained Cognex representatives are available to help you evaluate your application, select the best vision solution, and support you in getting your project up and running.

    Seamless communication with other factory controls

    Cognex products offer comprehensive built-in communication capabilities, making it easy to connect to a wide range of the most commonly used robot controllers, PLCs, HMI, and Fieldbus systems.

    Small form factors for space-constrained applications

    Cognex offers a range of vision products optimized for production lines where space is tight.

    Speed to match the fastest cycle times

    Cognex systems are designed to perform accurately at the fastest production speeds.

    Smartest, most reliable vision tools

    Award-winning Cognex vision tools such as PatMax® and IDMax® ensure reliable, repeatable performance.

    Continuous innovation

    Cognex investment in R&D ensures that our vision systems keep pace with the latest advances in factory automation.

    Application knowledge

    Cognex products leverage nearly three decades of hands-on experience with the toughest vision challenges in a wide range of applications and factory environments.