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  • Quality and Compliance

    Reduce risk and liability exposure

    To achieve the quality that customers demand, comply with regulations, reduce risk, and reduce liability exposure, manufacturers increasingly rely on machine vision and ID solutions from Cognex.

    Quality: Many vision applications in the automotive industry are for quality inspections because everyone is driving towards a zero tolerance for defects.

    • Automakers expect defect free products
    • Dealer repair charge backs are costly
    • Annual auto-related warranty exposure is high

    Safety critical parts: There is no room for error in safety-critical automotive components because if a part is defective or missing a crash could occur and someone could be injured or killed. Because most consumers expect air bags and anti-lock braking systems to be standard on vehicles today, automotive manufacturers must double and triple check all safety-critical components to ensure quality and decrease warranty costs and recall liability.

    Product traceability and lot control: The primary goal of many vision and auto ID systems is to increase productivity and process yield.

    • Machine vision can be used to find a part, take a measurement, and make an inspection while the product is being manufactured.
    • Part identification enables flexible manufacturing and traceability for product genealogy, warranty, etc.
    • Vision and ID systems provide a tremendous amount of process data for continuous process improvement