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In-Sight Vision Tools

The industry-leading Cognex vision tool library provides reliable, repeatable performance in even the most challenging vision applications.

Powerful Location Tools

PatMax Pattern Matching

If a vision system can’t repeatedly locate parts because of wide variations in part orientation, size and appearance, then vision inspection yield and reliability will be significantly reduced.

These variations include:

  • Part contrast
  • Multiple parts
  • Changes in lighting
  • Image focus
  • Degraded appearance
  • Partially-hidden parts

PatMax®, the industry’s performance standard for part and feature location software, utilizes advanced geometric pattern matching technology to reliably and accurately locate parts. Even under the above conditions, this tool can significantly reduce or eliminate fixturing requirements and cost. For locating parts or features, PatMax provides the maximum vision inspection yield and reliability available in a vision system. PatMax is optionally available on all
general-purpose In-Sight vision systems.

In-Sight part location

Breakthrough Code Reading

Standard on most In-Sight models is IDMax®, breakthrough code-reading software based on the patented Cognex PatMax technology, through 1DMax™ and 2DMax™ algorithms. IDMax can read 1D code symbologies such as UPC, PDF, stacked and postal codes, 2D code symbologies such as Data Matrix and QR, or a mix of barcode and 2D codes simultaneously.

1DMax is a best-in-class 1D barcode-reading tool optimized for omnidirectional barcode reading and can handle extreme variations in contrast, blur, damage, voids, specularity, resolution, quiet zone violations and perspective distortion.

1DMax code-reading technology

2DMax is optimized for reading QR codes and handles a wide range of degradations to 2D Data Matrix code appearance that result from dramatic degradations in Direct Part Marking (DPM) code quality due to differences in material types and surfaces.  2D Data Matrix code reading in DPM applications is an increasingly important part of manufacturing processes. An unreadable code may stop production, and can result in the part not being processed correctly.

2DMax code-reading technology

Advanced OCR / OCV

Optical Character Recognition is essential for numerous applications in the automotive, food & beverage, consumer products, pharmaceutical, electronic, and postal markets for traceability and product quality assurance. The advanced OCR / OCV tool in In-Sight Explorer makes text training easy with pre-trained fonts and offers a high level of confidence for character reading and verification using a new Accuracy Mode. Algorithm improvements now allow for more degraded and poor contract character on noise backgrounds.

In-Sight OCR and OCV


In-Sight Vision Performance Tools

Tool Categories and Descriptions

Part Location Tools including PatMax
In-Sight PatMax Description:
  • Locate parts in widely-varying locations reliably and accurately.
The Cognex Advantage:
  • Handles wide variations in part orientation, size, and appearance.
  • Simplifies mechanical fixturing and lighting, making vision projects easier and less expensive to implement.
Defect DetectionTools including InspectEdge and Flexible Flaw Detection 


In-Sight InspectEdge
  • Verify the correct assembly of components and find flaws in part appearance.
  • Find deviations in edge position and defects and gaps with position and width.
The Cognex Advantage:
  • Provides robust, repeatable inspection results despite changes in part orientation.
  • Allows users to easily classify defects by defect type.
  • Works on straight or circular parts.
  • Determines min/max deviations and widths.

Flexible Flaw Detection

In-Sight Flexible Flaw Detection
  • Edge-based and surface (area) based inspection in one tool.
  • Find edge and surface defects.
  • Find boundary defects - conformity of shape.
  • Find surface defects - stains and scratches.
  • Find print inspection - silk screen logos.
The Cognex Advantage:
  • Ability to flex.
  • Allows for process variations reducing false defects.
  • Ignores defect during run time.
  • False defects can be ignored and can be added to the mask.
  • Select fine, medium, or coarse resolution.
  • Flexibility to select accuracy vs. speed requirements.
  • Variety of display options.
  • Wide variety of tool markings speeds tool set-up and user traning.
 Bead Inspection Tools
In-Sight Bead Inspection Description:
  • Reliably find defects over beads that change in shape drastically.
  • Find width based on defects, gaps, and positional defects.
The Cognex Advantage:
  • Allows removing noise making the tools more robust.
  • Provides more data for process control.
  • Uses the powerful InspectEdge as the underlying tool.
Measurement Tools
In-Sight Measurement Tools Description:
  • Measure distances between features, verify tolerances, and locate edges.
The Cognex Advantage:
  • Enables high-accuracy gauging of critical part dimensions despite changes in part orientation and ambient lighting.
Industrial Code Reading Tools including IDMax

In-Sight 1D code-reading

In-Sight 2D code-reading

  • Reliably read 1D and 2D codes on labels or directly marked on parts (DPM).
  • Ability to read multiple codes in the image using a single ID code.  
The Cognex Advantage:
  • 1DMax is a fast, accurate, best-in-class 1D barcode-reading tool.
  • 2DMax handles low-contrast, poorly formed 2D codes resulting from process degradation and marking techniques such as dot peen and laser etch.
  • Reads up to 7200 parts per minute.
In-Sight OCV/OCR tools Description:
  • Verify and read alphanumeric text strings.
The Cognex Advantage:
  • Handles low-contrast characters, as well as confusing or unevenly-spaced characters.
  • Verifies/reads up to 600 strings per minute.
Color Vision Tools  
In-Sight color vision tools Description:
  • Locate, measure, count and verify presence based on color.
  • Color identification and color model identification.
The Cognex Advantage:
  • Provides robust, reliable color detection of a wide range of part types.
  • Converts color images to grey-scale for additional types of inspections by using grey-scale filters.
  • Trains colors with a click—no need to understand color spaces.
  • Color tools share all user-trained colors making deployment and maintenance easy.