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  • OmniView Cylindrical
    Package Inspection System

    High speed 360° inspection of un-oriented bottles, jars and other cylindrical packages

    The Cognex OmniView® system delivers high speed inspection and identification of labels and lids on un-oriented cylindrical products such as cans, bottles, jars and vials. The unique multi-camera 3D modeling technology inspects products at any orientation without having to slow your line… at up to 1200 parts per minute! A color option allows you check label graphics and bottle contents, while high resolution cameras help you check tall, thin bottles from base to neck in a single field of view.


    • Minimize product recalls by ensuring correct labeling,
    • Control brand image and minimize waste by catching defects early in the production process,
    • Track parts through the supply chain by reading 1D barcodes and 2D Data Matrix symbols, and
    • Use your workforce more efficiently by eliminating manual inspection on high speed lines.

    Typical Inspection and Identification Applications

    • Cap verification, position and skew
    • Cap seal damage detection
    • Cap / label orientation validation
    • Fill level detection
    • Label verification, placement and skew
    • Label damage detection
    • Date and lot code verification and legibility
    • 1D barcode and 2D symbol verification and decoding
    • Code reading for traceability and supply chain management
    • Mixed lot detection
    • Package or content color verification
    • Product orientation for final packaging
      OmniView Inspection and Identification Solutions