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    Electronics Products

    Whether you supply capital equipment to semiconductor device or printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers, or make components such as disc drives for personal computers or other consumer electronics including cell phones, video cameras, and GPS (PND) systems, machine vision can help you to perform a number of operations:

    For OEMs, machine vision is instrumental in:

    • PCB Alignment (Fiducial Finding)
    • Surface-Mount Device (SMD) Placement / Guidance
      • Alignment
        • Locating PCB fiducial marks
        • Locating devices
        • Inspection: performing tolerance checks on devices
    • Post Placement AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)
      • Detect & track PCB assembly defects
      • Verify accurate placement
      • Detect missing, reversed, or incorrect components
    • Identify 2D code, track defects
    • Solder Paste Inspection
      • Improve screen printing yield
      • Reduce defects, reduce rework, save money

    Competition is increasing as manufacturing technology progresses. In order to stay on top of the game, consumer product manufacturers must make products of higher quality, more cheaply, and more quickly than ever before. Increasing labor costs and worker safety issues have added to the demand for automation on the factory floor. Machine vision is used by both consumer product manufacturers and their equipment suppliers.