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  • Image-based barcode readers for Logistics

    For over 30 years, Cognex has offered Automatic Identification (Auto ID) technology to a variety of industries. Our barcode reader technologies are used in Auto ID systems to track components and products, in logistics automation for package sorting and shipping, and in imaging systems for material handling and postal applications.

    Driven by a desire for cost reduction, warehouse management systems and logistics departments rely more heavily than ever on Cognex logistics barcode reading technology to increase throughput with less manual handling of packages. As shipping volumes continue to grow, more distribution centers (DC) are choosing to upgrade their laser barcode scanners to realize the benefits of image-based barcode reading technology.

    Cognex DataMan® logistics barcode readers provide the ease of use, speed, and a price point comparable to laser scanners, while improving read rates to reduce costs and achieve fast ROIs measured in months not years.

    Cognex barcode readers can be used throughout
    a distribution center (DC)

    Logistics barcode scanners in a Distribution Center

    Access an interactive distribution center map to learn how Cognex barcode reader can be used to improve read rates, deliver performance feedback and provide more reliable, high performing readers for your operation.


    Cognex logistics barcode readers provide:

    imaging systems for material handling

    The highest read rates: reduce costs and increase throughput with read rates that can reach and surpass 99.9%! Higher read rates means fewer packages need to be handled manually for relabeling or rerouting rejects.
    Performance feedback: allows users to see what the reader sees, either live or through FTP storing of images, enabling them to have access to no read data for continuous process improvement.
    No moving parts: DataMan logistics barcode readers have no moving parts that can wear out or require replacing and are inherently more robust than laser scanners.