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    To simplify and speed up the system integration process, Cognex offers a wide range of optional accessories designed specifically for use with In-Sight® vision systems.




    In order to achieve the highest quality images possible, Cognex offers a wide array of light modules including direct, diffused on axis, cloudy day, rings, spots, and bar lighting.


    The “Brick Light” is a compact LED array typically used for direct lighting applications. An optional diffuser allows it to be used as a backlight making it one of the most versatile lights available.

    InSight-ring-light-acc When basic lighting works for the application, integrated ring lights are ideal for In-Sight vision systems. Easily mounted directly to the vision system, these lights provide basic front lighting without having to purchase and install a separate light. Integrated ring lights are available in red LEDs, red diffuse LEDs, and white LEDs.

    I/O Module

    InSight-io The I/O Breakout Module provides easy connection of In-Sight systems to power, acquisition triggers, outputs, and serial devices. I/O Expansion Modules increase the number of I/O points available to In-Sight systems, and provide full RS232 handshaking.


    DVT-lenses-acc Cognex offers a full range of high-quality compact camera lenses designed specifically for machine vision applications.


    InSight-cables-acc In-Sight cables provide superior performance with rugged, stainless steel M12 connectors and are rated for ten million linear and thirty thousand torsional flex cycles... ideal for robot-mounted applications.