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Our customer education courses are designed for all users of Cognex vision systems, irrespective of your level of machine vision experience. In addition to this schedule of classroom training programs, which include a large proportion of hands-on exercises, we can also deliver training at your own site.

Download the Cognex Training Guide and familiarize yourself with the depth and breadth of information that Cognex's global training organization provides and determine which products and types of training are right for you.

Class Location Open Seats Days Begins Language
In-Sight - EasyBuilder and Spreadsheets StandardHTE, St. Loius, MO7410-17-2017English
In-Sight – Spreadsheets Standard and AdvancedTijuana, Baja California, Mexico0410-17-2017Spanish
In-Sight – Spreadsheets Standard and Advanced
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CIMTEC, Charlotte, NC1410-17-2017English
In-Sight – Spreadsheets StandardCIMTEC, Charlotte, NC1210-17-2017English
In-Sight - Spreadsheets AdvancedCIMTEC, Charlotte, NC1210-19-2017English
In-Sight - EasyBuilder and Spreadsheets StandardCognex, Farmington Hills, MI1410-17-2017English
In-Sight – Spreadsheets StandardSão Paulo, SP, Brasil3210-17-2017Portuguese
In-Sight – Spreadsheets Standard and AdvancedApplied Controls, Malvern, PA410-24-2017English
In-Sight – Spreadsheets Standard and AdvancedJuarez, CH, MX0410-24-2017Spanish
In-Sight - EasyBuilder and Spreadsheets StandardAir Hydro Power, Louisville, KY410-24-2017English
In-Sight - EasyBuilder and Spreadsheets StandardKendall Electric, Grand Rapids, MI410-31-2017English
3D Sensor featuring Cognex DesignerCognex, Farmington Hills, MI12410-31-2017English
McMurdo Bay8½11-01-2017English
VisionPro Standard and AdvancedCognex Headquarters, Natick, MA12411-07-2017English
In-Sight – Spreadsheets Standard and AdvancedGuaymas, SON, MX4411-07-2017Spanish
In-Sight - EasyBuilder and Spreadsheets StandardIWU, West Chester, OH12411-07-2017English
In-Sight – Spreadsheets Standard and AdvancedGuadalajara, JA, MX0411-14-2017Spanish
In-Sight - Spreadsheets AdvancedVirtual Classroom (Live Online)12411-14-2017English
VisionPro Standard and AdvancedCognex Headquarters, Natick, MA15411-14-2017English
In-Sight - EasyBuilder and Spreadsheets Standard
(Purchase Entire Value Pack)
Guelph, Ontario, Canada2411-21-2017English
In-Sight - EasyBuilder StandardGuelph, Ontario, Canada2211-21-2017English
In-Sight – Spreadsheets StandardGuelph, Ontario, Canada2211-23-2017English
In-Sight – Spreadsheets Standard and AdvancedHermosillo, SO, MX7411-21-2017Spanish
In-Sight – Spreadsheets Standard and AdvancedSão Paulo, SP, Brasil3411-21-2017Portuguese
In-Sight - EasyBuilder and Spreadsheets StandardFort Worth, TX16411-28-2017English
In-Sight 2000 Featuring EasyBuilderCognex, Farmington Hills, MI10½11-29-2017English
In-Sight 2000 Featuring EasyBuilderCognex, Farmington Hills, MI11½11-30-2017English
In-Sight – Spreadsheets Standard and AdvancedCiudad de Mexico, Mexico4412-05-2017Spanish
In-Sight – Spreadsheets Standard and AdvancedCognex Office, Tempe, AZ14412-05-2017English
Cognex Designer featuring Cognex Vision ControllerCognex Headquarters, Natick, MA16412-12-2017English
ViDi Deep Learning SuiteCognex Office, Tempe, AZ141 ½12-19-2017English
In-Sight - EasyBuilder and Spreadsheets StandardCognex Headquarters, Natick, MA15412-19-2017English
In-Sight 2000 Featuring EasyBuilderCognex, Farmington Hills, MI14½12-20-2017English
In-Sight 2000 Featuring EasyBuilderCognex, Farmington Hills, MI16½12-21-2017English
In-Sight - EasyBuilder and Spreadsheets StandardMississauga, ON, Canada16402-27-2018English

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