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DS1100 3D Sensor with VisionPro

The DS1100 3D Sensor with VisionPro Training Class is a one day class intended for VisionPro users entering the 3D world of inspection.

The attendees will learn how easily they can solve 3D inspection and gauging applications.  Using the Cognex DS1100 Displacement Sensor and the Cognex VisionPro 3D Tool Suite, you will learn how to set up the system, acquire 3D range images, measure height, volume and tilt angles of planes. Additionally methods for product integrity inspections based on transformed 2D Range images will ensure you are ready solving 3D applications as you do today in the 2D world.



“VisionPro Standard and Advanced” Class is required. This class is also recommended for users with 3D experience. Programming experience and programming language supporting the .NET framework is a must.


Training Session Info

Begins:06-11-2013 08:30 AM EST
Ends:06-11-2013 05:00 PM EST
Location:Cognex Office, Plymouth, MI
Open Seats: 7


Class Syllabus

  1. Introduction to the DS1100 3D displacement sensor
  2. Hardware and GigE networks
  3. Setting up for Acquisition
  4. Using 3D Range images
    1. Understand the new 3D range image tools that are exclusive to VisionPro
    2. Using the new 3D tools for inspections
  5. Fine Tuning for fast, accurate images 
    The detailed content may vary from country to country.