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In-Sight - EasyBuilder Standard

In-Sight® EasyBuilder® Standard class teaches the basics of how to configure a vision application using the EasyBuilder configuration environment and user interface.

The In-Sight EasyBuilder Standard product class gives new In-Sight users an overview of the hardware and software used by In-Sight Vision Systems. With the focus on getting the most from the In-Sight Explorer EasyBuilder interface, users learn how to walk through the process of setting up a vision application, step by step. This interface requires no programming and uses intuitive menus enabling them to focus on solving their application quickly and effectively.


In-Sight EasyBuilder - Standard  


Familiarity with Microsoft® Windows® environment

Learning Objectives:  


  • Demonstrate how to connect the In-Sight camera to the network
  • Capture an image with the camera
  • Calibrate the image using ‘real world’ measurements
  • Utilize a variety of Locator Tools to find their part 
  • Inspect their part using various Identification and Defect Tools 
  • Configure a Discrete Input and a Discrete Output line
  • Describe the use of communications within EasyBuilder 
  • Utilize the various tools available to deploy the system
  • Explain the fundamentals of Lighting and Optics
  • Troubleshoot when the camera/network/tools are not working as expected


Training Session Info

Begins:12-05-2017 08:30 AM EST
Ends:12-06-2017 05:00 PM EST
Location:CIMTEC, Charlotte, NC
Price:$1095.00 USD
Open Seats: 16


This class is part of a bundled Value Pack. You can view the bundled offering that includes this class and another by clicking the link below.

In-Sight - EasyBuilder and Spreadsheets Standard

Class Syllabus

  1. Hardware and Connections
  2. Software Overview and Image Acquisition
  3. Location Tools
  4. Inspections Tools
    • Presence
    • Counting
    • Measurement
  5. Identification Tools
    • Read1D
    • Read2D
    • ProductID
  6. Digital I/O
  7. Communication
  8. Maintenance and Deployment
    • TestRun
  9. Lighting and Optics

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