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VisionPro Standard and Advanced

The  VisionPro Standard and Advanced class is a detailed class that gets into fully implementing a VisionPro® system using Visual Studio.Net.  

This class will enable you to build your own interface and integrate VisionPro with other systems. The first section includes an introduction to VisionPro with a focus on the QuickBuild interface, acquiring images and applying various tools to the image. This is followed by scripting and programming in Visual Studio. This class requires prior knowledge of VisualStudio.Net programming techniques.




Familiar with at least one supported programming language (C#.net or VB.net) and Visual Studio.


Training Session Info

Begins:02-13-2018 08:30 AM EST
Ends:02-13-2018 03:00 PM EST
Location:Cognex Headquarters, Natick, MA
Price:$1395.00 USD
Open Seats: 15

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Class Syllabus

  1. Hardware Overview
  2. Software and Image Acquisition
  3. PMAlign Basics
  4. Search Tool Strategies
  5. Histogram, Fixturing & Coordinate Spaces
  6. Blobs
  7. Caliper & Geometry
  8. Checkerboard & N-Point Calibration
  9. PatInspect®
  10. OCVMax
  11. Color
  12. Data, Results Analysis
  13. I/O and Application WizardScripting
  14. Creating a VisionPro Application Using QuickBuild and Visual Studio
  15. Displaying Custom Graphics
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