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VisionPro Standard

The VisionPro Standard class is an overview of the VisionPro® programming environment and teaches the student the basics needed to get started in VisionPro.  

This class discusses the basic hardware configurations and image acquisition as well as  tools like PatMax®, color tools, blob tools and OCV. The QuickBuild configuration environment is used to access tools and parameters needed to solve the applications.  The student will learn to solve machine vision applications using the QuickBuild environment and the Application Wizard.




Familiar with at least one supported programming language (C#.net or VB.net) and Visual Studio.


Training Session Info

Begins:12-05-2017 08:30 AM EST
Ends:12-06-2017 05:00 PM EST
Location:Spartanburg, SC
Price:$1095.00 USD
Open Seats: 7

Students must bring a laptop. Cognex will provide development dongles for use during this class. Dongles must be returned at end of class.


Class Syllabus

  1. Hardware Overview
  2. Software and Image Acquisition
  3. PMAlign Basics
  4. Search Tool Strategies
  5. Histogram, Fixturing & Coordinate Spaces
  6. Blobs
  7. Caliper & Geometry
  8. Checkerboard & N-Point Calibration
  9. PatInspect®
  10. OCVMax
  11. Color
  12. Data, Results Analysis
  13. I/O and Application Wizard

The detailed content may vary from country to country.