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A new foundation for 1-D barcode reading: Hotbars™ image analysis technology

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Hotbars is a significant innovation in the fundamental image analysis methods used to read barcodes. The result of a two-year R&D effort led by Cognex cofounder Bill Silver, Hotbars technology combines with Cognex-led advances in image formation to enable DataMan ID readers to outperform traditional laser scanners in the most demanding applications:

  • material handling
  • logistics
  • electronics
  • food/beverage
  • consumer goods
  • automotive

During this webinar Bill describes how Hotbars finds barcodes in a scene and extracts one-dimensional signals for decoding. He also discusses the performance of Hotbars, with particular emphasis on significant improvements in resolution and speed, as well as the implications of these innovations for the future of barcode reading.

View this on-demand webinar to hear from 31-year Cognex veteran, Bill Silver, one of the most prolific and influential inventors in industrial machine vision.

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