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Barcode Reading Blog by John Keating

John Keating
I have worked in the high tech field in a variety of engineering, sales, and marketing roles prior to joining Cognex as an applications engineer 17 years ago.  My experience here has been vast as I have managed many different products, including vision software, In-Sight vision systems, Checker vision sensors, and most recently I manage the product marketing group for Cognex ID Products. I am responsible for the DataMan fixed-mount reader and handheld barcode reader lines, as well as the code reading algorithms, 1DMax and 2DMax, which are the key technologies to DataMan’s industry leading read rates.

Image engine vision technology for clinical diagnostics

Fast-paced clinical chemistry laboratory environments cannot afford to make mistakes. You can improve efficiencies while reducing costs with an automation system that incorporates machine vision technology like an image engine.

Clinical diagnostic OEMs strive to give you superior performance for your automated lab testing systems. Vision technology through the installation of image engines can set your systems apart from the competition providing improved system ease of use, intelligence and error proofing.

Typical applications aided by image engines:

  • Test tube cap presence/absence
  • Test tube identification by shape
  • Proper system set up through object recognition
  • Test tube size verification by width
  • Micro-array tray identification / barcode reading
  • Liquid level detection
  • Pipette alignment and guidance
  • 1-D linear barcode and 2-D matrix code reading  

Subjects: clinical diagnostics, image engines, OEM

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