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The "What's Possible with Vision" Blog - Samantha Frost

Samantha Frost
Realizing at an early age I couldn’t make money off of mud pies and torturing my 3 older brothers and younger sister, I left home and went to school in the big city. I studied engineering at Northeastern University in Boston. Dr. Bob went there for his undergrad and was dedicating a building. Being the nerd I was, I was an officer at the student chapter of IEEE so I was there when the building was dedicated. I thought – wow – this guy was funny, kind of nutty, and brilliant. Wonder what type of company this it. And then it started – I worked as a co-op starting off in their Tech Support group. I figured, since I enjoyed helping people (I guess making up for the torture my brothers endured all of those years) and I was a nerd with a bit of ADD, this was a perfect match. In the Tech support group I supported the full spectrum of products, from spreadsheet based In-Sight 2000 programming, GUI based Checkpoint and OMI systems to full blown Vision library programming in C++ and VB (CVL, VisionPro).

10 questions you need to ask when buying a vision system

Choosing a vision system that meets your needs and budget can be intimidating. There are several critical factors you need to consider to ensure a successful deployment. Some of these include:

  • Variations in your environmental conditions
  • Networking and communications capabilities
  • Accessories and product support options
  • Ongoing post-deployment support and training
  • User friendly software
  • Simple maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Quality and ruggedness of equipment

Whether you are new to machine vision or an experienced user, the Expert Guide Buying a Vision System: 10 Questions You Must Ask will help you through the vision system selection process, providing answers to ten critical questions and delivering valuable tips for evaluating specific product features. Download yours today.

Subjects: inspection equipment, defect detection

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