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Matt Engle's Industrial ID and Logistics Blog

Matt Engle
First, you should be wary about what I tell you because I’d say just about anything to get a sale. : ) On the other hand, I do have some redeeming qualities and one of them is technical knowledge of industrial and logistics ID traceability technology and applications. I’ve been working in the ID industry for over seven years and have helped customers across many vertical industries solve their toughest barcode reading applications. My electrical engineering and MBA degrees are a great combination that has helped me balance between understanding the technical details and determining when it’s time to stop over analyzing and just get the job done. I hope you find something useful from what I have to say.

No Moving Parts

Moving is good… right? Good for you, yes, but not for your barcode reader. When you have a barcode reader that has constantly moving parts… fans, PCs, etc. they are subject to wear and tear and will eventually break down and require replacement or repair. For laser scanners and line scan systems, this happens frequently. And this costs DCs time and money.

Cognex logistics barcode readers are all designed with no moving parts. That’s right… it’s an entirely self-contained barcode reader that has no fan and no PC required for operation so there will be no moving parts to break down and wear out. Cognex readers have a longer effective product life and are more reliable. This will free up your maintenance team and let them work on other things that are on your list!

Look for my next blog where I’ll talk about how our new DataMan 503 can be used for tunnel scanning applications.

Subjects: 1-D barcode readers, laser barcode scanners, logistics , DataMan 503

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