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  • Cognex Explorer Real Time Monitoring (RTM)

    Maximize the performance feedback benefits of DataMan image-based barcode readers by leveraging Cognex vision technology

    Cognex Explorer™ Real Time Monitoring (RTM) system uses world-class Cognex vision technology to monitor DataMan® barcode reader performance. Facility managers face a wide variety of challenges making on-site process optimization a top priority. With a scalable architecture and browser based interface for viewing performance statistics, Cognex Explorer RTM empowers facility managers with data that can assist in removing system defects and optimize processes.

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    Cognex Explorer Real Time Monitoring (RTM)


    Increase read rates and throughput

    Cognex Explorer RTM provides a unique data-driven approach to pinpointing deficiencies in facility applications.

    •  Browser based trending of DataMan read rate performance
    •  Automatic package/part defect classification with Cognex vision technology
    •  Scalable architecture and data synchronization

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     Automatic defect classification 

    When a process error results on a package with an unread barcode, the image captured by the DataMan barcode reader is transferred to Cognex Explorer RTM. Equipped with powerful Cognex vision technology, RTM automatically evaluates each image and categorizes them into groups such as packages with “no label present” or packages with “poorly printed labels.” Categorized images are stored in a database and accessible for future viewing through any device with a web browser.

    Scalability and Flexibility

    Networking DataMan barcode readers with Cognex Explorer RTM throughout a production facility enables facility managers to capture and analyze valuable data that can be used to identify the root causes of process errors. Cognex Explorer RTM is extremely scalable in terms of the number of readers that can be monitored and in its ability to synchronize data between RTM units. A single RTM unit can cover over one hundred readers for a configured network of DataMan barcode readers. Data for the entire facility is accessible from a single web address by synchronizing multiple RTM units.

    Cognex Explorer RTM is specifically designed to leverage DataMan’s image-based barcode reading capabilities in industries that need to easily diagnose defects for process improvement, such as:

    • Logistics
    • Automotive
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Food and beverage