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  • VisionPro 3D Software

    Vision-guided pick-and-place assembly and inspection applications

    Cognex's 3D machine vision tool delivers accurate, real-time 3D position information to improve vision performance in a wide range of applications where 2D tools alone are not enough. The 3D tool is available for VisionPro® and CVL® and works with any number of fixed or robot mounted cameras for complete application flexibility.  The tool is based on the leading PatMax® tool and other alignment technologies from Cognex, which is why it’s not just any 3D machine vision—it’s Cognex 3D!

    Cognex's 3D tool delivers accurate, real-time, three-dimensional position information to automate challenging assembly verification, logistics, and robot applications in automotive and precision manufacturing industries, including:

    • Racking/de-racking
    • De-palletizing
    • Kitting and assembly verification

    The 3D tool uses multiple sets of two-dimensional features found by VisionPro and CVL’s robust library of tools, including PatMax, PatFlex™ and other geometric pattern matching tools. These tools tolerate non-uniform lighting and remain reliable even when patterns are partly covered, ensuring accurate part location under the most challenging settings and conditions.

    Application performance is enhanced by high-precision Cognex calibration tools that adjust for optical distortion and camera position, and synchronize cameras with moving elements like robot grippers—key to the success of any 3D application.

    Sample applications:

    VisionPro 3D software for logistics and package tracking   VisionPro 3D software for robot-guided depalletizing  
    Logistics and package tracking   Robot-guided de-palletizing